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Book Project


Women are in a precarious position these days. The media and society have gotten very loud about how women “should” look. The diet and beauty industries tell us that they can “fix” how we look, as if it’s a foregone conclusion that we are “broken” or “not good enough”. And sadly, we are listening.

We have all seen the frightening statistics about eating disorders and the body image damage many of us are living with. But where are the voices of the women who are the targets of all this media and societal assault? How are we surviving? How are we fighting? Is it working?

I am the founder of www.MyBodyGallery.com. I am also a photographer. I have been humbled and amazed at the MyBody Stories that I have received from so many women on the site. I have been saddened by many and inspired by others.

What I have learned most is that we women have stories to tell. Moving, compelling and necessary stories about our relationship with our body and how it has changed or not.

So I am now compiling a selection of these stories and I am then photographing the authors to be included in a book. This will be a story of how these women see themselves and how I see them.

Here is my request:

If you have a compelling story to tell about your feelings about your body, or about your body image experience and you would be willing to share it with other women in this important project please send it to us.

Please include

-your age,

-your contact info,

-where you live (city & state),

-and a current snap shot of you.

There is no “type” of story that I’m looking for. I do not require a “happy” or “sad” theme, I am more interested in a compelling story. The more honest emotions you can share, the better.

Please email your story and info to submissions(at)mybodygallery.com.

Thank you for supporting this important project!